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Mission and vision of CrickTalks team is to provide 100% useful, efficient & authentic information to our readers. All of our mates always self-assured and dedicated for the audiences. But sometimes there would be few mistake by providing wrong information, author ideology & sense of humor can conflict your own thinking. Please don’t take it seriously but feel free to let us know by “comment” into that content or, by email us directly. We will take your every complain very seriously & positively cause this online magazine is live by it’s readers and for the audiences. We think so, that if we are able to recover rest of our lacking and make it sufficient for sports enthusiasts, once you will tell your friends & family about our enterprise “CrickTalks” which will be the highest level achievement for us.

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It’s need to mention that still now our management team member isn’t sufficient enough and that’s why sometime miss few time-critical information update as well. If you would like work as a volunteer to play the role of an author, Facebook page moderator, design useful image can join with our team. We don’t have a plan to hire paid “writer” for next few month but you are most welcome, if want to write as a guest author. Sorry to say that most of the guest writers have a little bit tendency to marketing own product/website within their content. With due respect to them, it’s need to inform that we are only provide useful & authentic link for our readers.

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We know that advertisers are seeking for valuable website with targeted audience. If your business product is related to Sports then this will be a great platform to advertise. Let us know your quotation by fill up below form.

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